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3 Ways To Work with Beth



  • A customized program tailored to your specific goals! I will meet you where you are NOW and take you to where you want to GO!

  • Program offers the highest level of service to help you achieve your goals. 

  • You will receive expert knowledge, guidance, and support from your trainer.

  • Assessment and consultation is included to find out more about how you move, injuries, underlying health issues and of course, your fitness/life goals. All of this provides a baseline to create your personalized fitness program.

  • All aspects of wellness can be discussed (sleep, stress, nutrition) to create a sustainable and realistic lifestyle.

  • Beth will be there every step of the way to keep you motivated and accountable.  

  • Sessions are live or virtual.



  • A written program that is 100% customized to your goals, fitness level and available equipment.   

  • Flexibility to choose your workout days that fit into your schedule.  

  • Includes weekly written check-in to obtain feedback and promote healthy habits.

  • A monthly video call  to review the next phase of the program.  

  • Access to all-in-one training app called Trainerize that will allow both (Beth) the trainer and you to track your workouts, see videos and detailed instructions for all exercise routines, track nutrition, and so much more.

  • Initial movement assessment session is required

  • ADD-ON OPTION:  Virtual training session (discounted rate)



  • Includes all the options in the Self-guided Plan.

  • A 30-minute weekly coaching call to discuss the program, what’s working and what’s not working, offer feedback and modify the workout plan accordingly.

  • Additional level of accountability and support with access to your trainer.

  • ADD-ON OPTION:  Virtual training session (discounted rate)



I started working with Beth 10 years ago after ACL surgery.  She helped me regain nearly 100% of my strength and mobility in my injured leg, and has since helped me achieve my fitness and flexibility goals.  Beth has made a real difference in my health.
One of the things I like best about working out with Beth is the variety.  She keeps things interesting and tailors every workout to meet me where I am.  She makes cross-training and core strength effortless - I know that with Beth, I am getting a full-body workout to meet my strength and health goals.
With Beth, I have seen my overall fitness improve to a peak that has enabled me to achieve my activity goals - whether skiing, hiking, or a multi-day backpack on the Teton Crest trail.   Through her training, Beth has been a terrific source of support and encouragement to live the active lifestyle  I crave.
When COVID hit, my exercise didn’t miss a beat with Beth as my personal trainer.  She brings her same energy and focus to our virtual sessions, and has helped me stay fit through the months of the lockdown.

~ Holly

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