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Fit Women


As a member of my class community, you will be motivated to challenge your beliefs about what you are capable of.  At the same time, I always offer options so you can choose the appropriate intensity to ensure a safe and beneficial workout!

Whether we are working 1:1 or in a group, I want you to feel confident and empowered!  That is why I teach the “why”, not just the “what”, behind the exercises and your program.



For my training client, I customize a plan that directly aligns with your fitness goals and lifestyle.  I blend a variety of techniques to personalize a plan unique to you, your situation, as well as your strengths and challenges.

Exercise Group

Beth is my lifeline to fitness during this lockdown. Her workouts are creative and fun with lots of variety. She is knowledgeable, taking care to personalize movements to accommodate ability levels, suggesting and demonstrating adjustments to account for any infirmities or to increase the challenge.

~ Caroline

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