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I have been training with Beth for years, and find her knowledge of the body combines the best of physical therapy and personal training.  She’s adept in incorporating strength building, functional mobility, a little bit of yoga, pilates and everything else in her workouts.  She mixes it all up and creates workouts that are completely customized for you and how you are feeling each day. Totally worth it!


When my gym closed in mid-March because of Covid, I was distraught that I would not be able to take Beth’s water exercise class. I had knee replacement surgery 6 months earlier, and Beth was essential to my rehabilitation. I told her  that I searched for a word to describe my experience in her class, and landed on “satisfying.” But, I was not sure that experience would translate to a workout in my dining room, by zoom. But Beth made it happen. She explains the benefits of each exercise, and offers options to accommodate each person’s body.  After a Beth class I know I have completed a thoughtful and professional workout. The classes Beth has designed are as “satisfying” as her sessions in the pool. And, I feel as personally engaged.


I started working with Beth 10 years ago after ACL surgery.  She helped me regain nearly 100% of my strength and mobility in my injured leg, and has since helped me achieve my fitness and flexibility goals.  Beth has made a real difference in my health.
One of the things I like best about working out with Beth is the variety.  She keeps things interesting and tailors every workout to meet me where I am.  She makes cross-training and core strength effortless - I know that with Beth, I am getting a full-body workout to meet my strength and health goals.
With Beth, I have seen my overall fitness improve to a peak that has enabled me to achieve my activity goals - whether skiing, hiking, or a multi-day backpack on the Teton Crest trail. Through her training, 

Beth has been a terrific source of support and encouragement to live the active lifestyle  I crave.
When COVID hit, my exercise didn’t miss a beat with Beth as my personal trainer.  She brings her same energy and focus to our virtual sessions, and has helped me stay fit through the months of the lockdown.


I started with Beth when I was 68 years old, after four back surgeries.  From the beginning, she has been thoughtful, imaginative and thorough.  She varies our routines, with a focus in my case on balance and core exercises.  She is very observant (even now, when we are working remotely) and corrects seemingly small but actually important body misalignment during our exercises.  Beth is quite knowledgeable about nutrition and offers useful suggestions for a healthy diet (that I too often do not follow, I am afraid).  She also makes thoughtful suggestions about equipment for my home gym.
I have worked for extended periods with other trainers before my back surgeries.  Given the choice, I am sticking with Beth.  I suggest that you do so as well.

Jerry S.

“I have been fortunate to participate in Beth’s classes 3 days a week for the last  three years.  Her dedication to her students  is obvious in every class as she carefully plans exercises that fit the profile of her students.  She is flexible and caring, always reminding us that we should do what works for us.   Beth pushes us to increase our stamina, but at our own pace. One of Beth’s strongsuits is her ability to vary the routines so we are never bored, but rather challenged in a fun and purposeful manner. Beth’s flexibility enabled her to quickly move to Zoom classes during the pandemic. The classes have brought normalcy to our lives during this difficult time!”

I’ve attended Beth’s Aqua Aerobics classes at Equinox Sports club for many years.  When the Club was shut down due to the Covid 19 virus, she quickly developed Zoom Aerobics (sans Aqua!) classes, and offered them to her students and friends.  I’ve greatly enjoyed these sessions, and find they have kept up my fitness, and even increased it during the pandemic induced stay-in.  Besides the physical benefits, I find the mental benefits as important, as there is a specific event I can rely on 3 days a week.  Incorporating memory games and balance exercises in her routines makes for well-rounded classes.”


  Beth’s classes are terrific - organized, well-paced, varied, a good all-over workout. Her instructions are clear and encouraging. I think she’s a great teacher!


Beth is my lifeline to fitness during this lockdown. Her workouts are creative and fun with lots of variety.   She is knowledgeable,  taking care to personalize movements to accommodate ability levels, suggesting and demonstrating adjustments to account for any infirmities or to increase the challenge.


Beth is one of the best exercise teachers I’ve ever had.  Her sessions are thoughtful, well planned out and safe.  Her knowledge of anatomy allows her to specifically target muscle groups.  She demonstrates clearly the correct movements and how to make modifications to increase or reduce intensity.  Best of all, the routines vary, so it is never boring.  I always feel like I’ve had a great workout!


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