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Colorful Weights

Start your journey toward becoming a stronger YOU!

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Do You Want To

- Get stronger?

- Move with greater ease and less pain?

- Boost your mood and confidence?

- Continue to live and enjoy an active lifestyle?

Whether you are interested in personal training or group classes with a community of like-minded people, you have come to the right place!  I will listen to, encourage, and communicate with you as we work together to establish goals that complement you.

Physical fitness is NOT a one-size fits all program.  When it comes to our overall wellness, each of us has different goals.   I get it, some people love to be active while others groan at the thought of exercise.  Making time for yourself and committing to do the work needed to look and feel better is a big step.


As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor with more than 25 years of experience, I am fiercely committed to meeting you wherever you are while empowering and encouraging you to grow.  

I look forward to guiding you along your journey to becoming a stronger YOU!    

Ready to get started?  Contact me for a free consult today.

Fitness Ladies


    WORK WITH ME    

  • Are you new to exercise or ready to get back on a plan?

  • Are you recovering from an injury or post rehab?

  • Are you seeking guidance, accountability and support?





I have been doing personal training with Beth Antell for 15 years. I got to Beth through the top physical therapist in D.C., who said she was really knowledgeable.  This was absolutely correct, and our sessions have been different, appropriate, and beneficial ever since. She focused on what I wanted, needed, and did not do by myself (e.g., no focus on treadmill, elliptical...). Every session has begun with "how did you feel after our last session?" Her genuine concern and upbeat manner has always made me feel that I wanted to continue. Of course over these years the challenges have changed. When I spend winters in Florida I am able to transition seamlessly to classes and use a lot of equipment on my own (not to mention jumping rope at close to age 70). Knowing the specific benefits of what I do
may not seem important, but in fact knowing not only the what but the why helps me do exercises correctly on my own.

~ Carol Y

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