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Three decades into my career as a personal trainer and instructor, I remain committed to both my clients’ and my own fitness journeys, constantly learning and growing as the industry evolves.  My fitness career began unexpectedly when I registered for an aerobics class during my senior year of college to fulfill a gym credit.  My body suffered from the impact of all the jumping, so I intuitively modified the movements and others followed.  Who knew low-impact aerobics would become “a thing” so many years later!


I became so passionate about my “hobby” that after 6 years, I left the corporate world, earned a Master's degree in Health Promotion along with an advanced certification as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, and even worked at a physical therapy clinic to learn about rehab and injury recovery.  I truly understand what it is like to suffer injuries and chronic pain.  I’ve experienced the uphill battles, both physical and mental, of recovering from multiple surgeries.  I believe it is so important to stay strong and mobile as we age.

My path to becoming a personal trainer and group exercise instructor has been anything but direct.  I have learned that patience and consistency, mixed with a lot of fun, can work wonders on the body, mind and soul!   


While I train people of all ages, abilities, and life transitions, I specialize in working with post physical therapy patients and the over 50 population.  If you dream of waking up without aches and pains and continuing to do the activities you love with more energy and ease, schedule a call today!

MS Health Promotion 
Certifications:  NASM, ACE, AFAA, Corrective Exercise Specialist
Additional services/specialties:  Aqua Fitness, Indoor Cycling, Pre/Post Rehab Conditioning

Gym Equipments

Beth is one of the best exercise teachers I’ve ever had.  Her sessions are thoughtful, well planned out and safe.  Her knowledge of anatomy allows her to specifically target muscle groups.  She demonstrates clearly the correct movements and how to make modifications to increase or reduce intensity.  Best of all, the routines vary, so it is never boring.  I always feel like I’ve had a great workout!

~ Kim

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