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@ 10:30AM Virtual


A complete body workout that includes balance (key for fall prevention), strength and conditioning and core/posture work, along with games for brain health and stretching.  Options for modifications further ensure safe exercises.

Equipment: Weights or household items such as cans, bottles of laundry detergent or water bottles. Additional equipment may include bands and a towel.

@ 12NOON Virtual

Focus on increasing joint mobility which is essential for effective and efficient movement during exercise and life.  It may include myofascial release work using balls or a foam roller.  The perfect way to end your week and ease into the weekend.  Undo the effects of sitting, a less than ideal work station, or perhaps too much of a new activity. 
Equipment: foam roller and tennis ball or similar but not mandatory.

@ 7.30 AM 

A 45-minute total conditioning class that will challenge your strength and cardio with body weight exercises, bands and intervals. We take advantage of our surroundings, using the parking lot, benches, and stairs.  Everyone is welcome! Familiarity with basic exercises such as squats, lunges, planks and pushups is recommended.
Equipment:  Please bring a mat, towel and water.  I will provide the other equipment.


Friends Working Out

- Pat
History teacher and harpist, with a talent for knitting

I have been taking Beth’s Golden Fit classes for about 8 months now.  I was unsure whether I would enjoy a fitness class on Zoom, but I have enjoyed this class more than any other I have taken, including those I have taken in person!  Beth does a wonderful job of making each class different, and it is clear that she has put a lot of work into each class.  I like that the classes have a mix of cardio, strength, core, balance, mobility, reflexes and memory, and I enjoy the games that Beth throws into the mix.  I also appreciate that Beth offers options for moves in case you are recovering from an injury.  I cannot recommend this class highly enough! 

- Holly K
Almost 75 years young, helped to pass Title IX in 1972

Beth is hands-down the best fitness instructor I've ever had:

- Her classes are never the same.
- She coaches us throughout on proper form--mark of an excellent instructor in my book.
- Gives options for anyone with injuries, surgeries, other limitations.
- Explains the practical benefits of certain exercises. 

I love the virtual classes--get to "see" friends and sisters in other states while I work out!

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